Created by the CEO of Eventi Cocktails, Lara Rawa, Lagos Cocktails week was established to showcase the best of Nigeria’s cocktail culture, with the aspiration for the cocktail industry at large to be recognized as an integral aspect of Nigerian beverage industry. This festival can also be described as a gathering of cocktails enthusiasts as beverage brands and lovers of great cocktails and mocktails alike get to indulge their taste buds at designated hubs.

The major highlight of the event is the introduction of the “Bar Battle in 2016,”. “This year it is taking a slight different format. The representatives of the participating bars will be present and go through a ballot system, they will choose the spirit’ they will work with for the competition.The guideline has been handed over to them,” Rawa said.

According to her, they have also introduced the use of local recipes as an essential part of the Lagos Cocktail Week menu for all participating bars.