Hey Hey Hey, it’s your girl, Funmi, the adventurous cocktail lover. Welcome to my diary session.

You know there is this thing called “falling of hand”; you know that it comes in different forms. Hmmm… I have experienced different shades of hand-falling in this my cocktail adventure; however, this particular one is on an international level  😞.

There is a new restaurant on the island that I’ve heard so much about. So one sunny day I decided to stop by and see what they have on their bar menu. As I got there, I asked about their menu, but they told me it wasn’t ready. However, they said I could speak with the bartender, who happened to be a lady.

Ah! I got really excited to know that the bartender there was a lady. You know it’s not common to see a lady working behind the bar as a bartender, mostly they work as waitresses.

Well, the lady came around and we got into a very interesting conversation about the cocktail business. She excitedly told me about her journey into the world of mixology, shared some of her experiences on the job, and told me of two new recipes she had created from indigenous ingredients. I was impressed; you could see how passionate she was and I so wanted to have a taste of her cocktails, but there was a snag 😥; I was fasting at the time. So, I promised her I’d return over the weekend to enjoy her drinks.

During the course of the week, one of my international contacts, Annette*, an expert in the cocktail industry, reached out to me. She was going to be in Lagos over the weekend, and wanted to have a meeting. I instantly remembered the lady bartender I had just met. It felt like a beautiful coincidence, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to show her off with her local recipes and promote female bartenders in Nigeria.

When we had to choose a meeting point, I’m sure you know where I suggested (lol). I could not wait to show off my star girl with the indigenous recipes. I told Annette about her and we agreed that was the best place to have our meeting.

On the D-day, I was excited, my palate was cleansed, my taste buds were already tingling. Cocktails toh bad. I’m going to show off and let Annette know that America has got nothing on us. We got to the place and I introduced the lady to Annette. She talked us through her menu and chose a particular recipe which I felt was unique. We could not wait to be wowed.

She left and returned with the cocktails. As soon as we saw them, my friend and I looked at each other; we were speechless for a while. I encouraged her to go ahead and taste it; we could be surprised by the taste. We did; and yes, we were surprised, but not in a good way.

When I saw the look of disappointment on Annette’s face, I almost wanted to hide my own face, because I had hyped this lady and her cocktails; that seemed like an international hand-falling. But, I was also to blame. I mean, how do you go and hype something you have not tasted?

Annette and I discussed the drink and we came up with our conclusion on how it could be better.

I pulled myself together and encouraged the lady bartender. I told her it was interesting and gave her some tips on how her recipe could be better. She thanked us and went to attend to other guests.

I really appreciate her passion for what she does. It is good to be passionate, but also remember there is a lot to learn in this business. To your passion, add learning, do your research and keep improving on your skill.

Anyway, I learned my lesson, and here goes my diary session for today.

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