Have you ever wished you could get your cocktails at home with the push of a button just like your morning coffee? Maybe happy hours can then be at home and house parties would not cause a headache.

Well, if you’ve wished for that, there’s hope for you. Keurig Dr Peper, an American-based beverage appliance manufacturer, has partnered with Anheuser-Busch, an American brewing company, on a project called “Drinkworks.”

Drinkworks Home Bar is a machine that can make bar-quality cocktails at home at the touch of a button, just like your coffee maker. It uses special pods and CO2 canisters to make cocktails, beers, ciders and more. Each pod contains a combination of spirits and natural flavours for mixing cocktails.

Currently, the machine can make 24 standard cocktail drinks, including cosmopolitan, daiquiri, Long Island iced tea, classic margarita, mojito, old fashioned and more.

Pre-ordering of the machine is currently on, however, it is only available for US-based audience (particularly St. Louis, Missouri). The company hopes to expand to Florida and California soon, and, perhaps, the machine will be available to the rest of the world.

The Home Bar goes for $299, while the drink pods are available for $4 each and $7 for the CO2 tank.