Hi, it’s your girl, Funmi, the adventurous cocktail lover. Welcome to my diary session for this week.

In February, we were invited to sample cocktails at a new restaurant in Ikoyi. When we got there, the place was beautiful, with a lovely ambience . We settled in and decided to order a drink on the menu.

It felt good to see that they had a signature cocktail made from local ingredients; we ordered the cocktail. After tasting it, we concluded it wasn’t too bad, though it could be better.
The presentation was good and we decided to take some pictures. We had been taking pictures for about five minutes, when, all of a sudden, this particular waiter walked up to us and asked if we got permission from the management before taking pictures.

We told him we didn’t get a permission, but we assumed that since we bought a drink and we were going to pay for it, then we could take pictures. He insisted we shouldn’t take pictures without the consent of the owner. It took the intervention of the bar man who spoke to him and he apologised.

It got me thinking; what if there was no one there to speak to him? And what was wrong with someone taking pictures? Should he not have been the one encouraging us to take pictures in order to promote the place?

I am appealing to restaurant and bar owners to, please, train their personnel about social media and the impact it could have on their business.

Anyway, there goes my round for this week. See you again next time as I bring you another gist from my endless adventures.

Still your cocktail girl,