The weekend is upon us, and for most people living in a busy city like Lagos, it is the only time they have to unwind, mingle and catch some fun. Bars, clubhouses, lounges, restaurants, etc., are some places that come to mind when thinking about this. However, finding the right place can make the difference between a fun-filled weekend and a boring one.

What do you look out for when choosing a place to go? Except you just want to hang out with some friends over a couple of glasses, you would need a very lively place, especially if you are looking to meet new people. Here are some things to look out for when picking where to go.

1. Lots of fun activities
Find a place with lots of things to do. Bars or lounges that offer exciting games and entertainment activities, like card games, karaoke, pool tables, etc., attract a younger crowd. When you go to such places, you will not only find an active crowd of young people, but also plenty opportunities to engage with new people.

2. Great drinks
The drinks matter too. Getting a place with a rich bar menu will give you a variety of drinks to try out. The night becomes even more fun when the cocktails offered are great.

3. Good music
It should be lively and hip, something to bring out the dancer in you, or make you feel like one, even if you can’t dance much. Go for a bar with good DJs or that hosts artists and live jazz bands.

4. A healthy crowd
Well, if you follow the first point, you should find a place that would readily offer this one. If you are wondering what kind of people you would find there, you may consider how classy the place is and the part of the town where it is located, to give you a clue on that.

5. Safety and security
The nightlife usually comes with a concern for security, so this cannot be completely neglected. Find a place that is located in a secure environment and is not notorious for bar fights. Plus, they should have good security arrangements especially for very busy nights.

How you can find out all of these, especially if you are new in town? Well, thanks to social media and the internet, it is easy. With most (if not all) of these bars having active social media accounts, it is easy to see what they look like and what goes on there. So, look them up on Instagram and be sure you are picking the right place so you don’t have a boring night.