All kinds of people come into the bar, and all kinds of attitudes are manifested there. However, the truth is that almost everyone who heads to a bar desires a pleasant experience.

How then do things go wrong?

Sometimes customers act in ways they shouldn’t, yet they don’t know it. So we’ve put together this list of 7 things you shouldn’t do when you’re in a bar, just so there are no issues.

1. Don’t be indecisive about your order

We know that sometimes it’s hard to just make a pick for several reasons. It could be that you’re new to the bar, their menu is full of potentially exciting drinks, you are in an adventurous mood, or you’re just composed for the night.

A bartender may offer some guide, but you still have to make your choice. Being decisive helps make the bartender’s work a lot easier. You’re not the only one they have to attend to, so they need to take your order and get on to other customers.

2. Don’t demand for a free drink

If you get offered a free drink, that’s fine; but it has to be the choice of the bartender to offer that. Avoid asking for and insisting on free shots.

3. Don’t insult the bartender

Bartending is a profession, just like any other seemingly “noble” professions. Don’t treat the bartender less than a professional. Don’t insult their choice of work. Also avoid screaming at them if they didn’t serve you as you expected. Try to be polite.

4. Don’t hit on the bartender

Because of the mood of many people who walk into bars, crushing on a bartender is possible. There’s no harm in having a good conversation with a bartender, but don’t get too far with it. If you can, avoid asking for their contact information, it may not be allowed in the bar. And if they refuse to give it, don’t react badly to that.

5. Don’t get too drunk

We all know it doesn’t get any better with more drinks. Many people often misbehave when they are drunk. Avoid being at the centre of a drama, stop drinking while you’re yet drunk.

6. Don’t force anything on another guest

Whether it’s a drink you want to send over to another guest, a conversation you wish to have or even their contact, be courteous and don’t force yourself on anyone. If someone is unwilling to engage with you, let them be.

7. Don’t forget to tip

Tipping is not compulsory, but it is a cool thing to do. Show some love to the bartender, let them know you appreciate what they do. And when you do, do it well, especially if you’ve just been served specially.