Oftentimes when we walk into a bar, the only thing we are sure of is that we want a drink, but not the particular one for the moment.

Opening the bar menu usually makes obvious our uncertainty about what cocktail to go for. Some would randomly pick anything from the menu; others would rely on the barman to recommend for them.

Wouldn’t you like to confidently pick a cocktail from the menu each time you walk into a bar? Here are two simple steps to making the right choice for the moment.

1. Pick the liquor

Each cocktail consists of an alcohol base, and this is probably also the major thing to consider when picking a drink.

You have to know which of the liquors you are comfortable with and you can handle. When you can pick the liquor you want for the night (whether rum, whiskey, vodka, gin or tequila), you are almost ready to make your order.

2. Pick the flavour

Check your taste buds and try to decide what you’re craving for.

Do you want something tart, bitter, citrusy, spicy, creamy, or smoky?

3. Other ingredients matter too

Apart from the alcohol base and flavour, there could are other ingredients that make up the recipe for each cocktail, such as ginger, cucumber, mint, pomegranate, strawberry, pineapple, and citrus fruits.

Consider these things. Are there certain ingredients you have special preference for? Or those you are allergic to?

Bar menus usually show the ingredients for each cocktail. When you’ve been able to settle on the three things to consider, you can easily pick a drink from the menu.

But if you’re still not sure, talk to your bartender and let him know your preferences. He can recommend some drinks around that.