Hello People, it’s your girl, Funmi, the adventurous cocktail lover roaming the fine streets of Lagos, exploring the cocktail bars and trying our different experiences!!!

Last week was quite hectic, partly work and the other you guessed right, Lagos traffic. So as usual I was around a certain neighborhood and I decided to visit a bar that had just reopened.

I walked into the establishment and I fell in love with the concept. We were offered to be given a tour of the place and I was impressed.

So I grabbed my camera to take pictures and I was told I couldn’t (bar policy) okurrrr!!! In my mind, I’m like, well I’m sure I can engage the bartender as he makes my cocktail and take some pictures of him doing his thing. Because he gave me a pleasant experience.

At the bar I was informed I couldn’t engage the bartender neither could I take pictures. I could only take a picture of my cocktail! Thank you, Boss! I thought.

My pleasant experience became a sour one. Different questions popped up in my head! Why was the bar opened? For profit or for pleasure? Why can’t we take pictures and promote the bar and also highlight the pleasant experience? Why can’t we engage the barman? Who creates these policies?

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you; however, we need to start a conversation. Has anyone had this sort of experience?

Well, while I’m still searching for answers to these questions, I’d end here for today. Bye for now.

Your cocktail girl,