Hi there! It’s me again. I’m your girl, Funmi, the adventurous cocktail lover, with an unquenchable thirst for new cocktail experiences.

Today, I want to talk about my experience at a nice restaurant in VI during the Pancake Day.

My friend and I went in there for pancakes and we waited to be seated. We waited for 5 minutes and finally we were ushered to a table.

The bartender came by and he gave us a run through of their menu. Their menu was very creative and they had lots of local recipes. This time I decided to try a twist to a classic cocktail.

It was a very good cocktail and it had substance. I was encouraged and decided to try another cocktail. This particular one had passion fruit seed in it and I had a great experience with the seed and the drink in my mouth!!!

Why did I order a drink? Well, because the bartender as a salesman sold me the idea. Why did I order another one? That was because when I found he was a man of intergrity and the drink was exactly what he said, I couldn’t wait to taste another.

It’s exciting to find places with a fine blend of everything, from a nice ambiance to excellent customer service and great drinks.

I had a wonderful time and the experience was worth every penny.

Tell me, what have you been up to lately? Have your experiences been good and exciting?

Well, I’ll be back again with more gists, and I pray they’ll be good ones. But until then, keep having fun and enjoying life like a glass of delicious cocktail.

Funmi signing out!