As the 2019 edition of the Nightclub & Bar Show concludes, Food+Beverage Innovations, creator of Jevo, the world’s first fully-automated edible shot prep machine, announces that more than 7,000 gelatin shots were served between Monday’s welcome party at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, and Tuesday and Wednesday on the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The “Jevo shot” flavors served included:
Bunch O’ Bull, Melon-Rita, Spiced Apple Cider, and Mango Dream.

Called the “Keurig for jello shots,” Jevo allows venues to easily prep hundreds of Jevo shots in minutes. With Jevo, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and more can create delicious and high profit margin gelatin shots in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort. Simply insert a Jevo flavor pod, add your spirit of choice, and Jevo does all the work. From traditional gelatin shots to edible cocktails, the flavor possibilities are virtually endless.

Jevo also offers accounts the ability to deliver digital promotions at the point of decision, all from a single machine behind the bar. It’s an innovative profit center uniquely positioned to drive on-premise sales, control pour costs, and make inventory easy with technology that tracks supply of proprietary flavor pods and can automatically reorder when a flavor is running low.

Jevo Features:

  • Preps hundreds of Jevo shots in minutes with minimal cleanup
  • Choose your favorite spirit(s) to create custom edible cocktails
  • Measures spirits precisely, controlling liquor costs and maximizing profit margin on every Jevo shot, with a value-based price point that ensures volume sales
  • Jevo employs smart technology to monitor sales and usage and can automatically ship inventory to ensure you never run out.
  • Dimensions: 19” W x 20” D x 20” H footprint sits on a countertop and takes up no more room than a chilled shot dispenser or frozen drink maker
  • Weight: 80 lbs