Unwinding with friends over some drinks, especially after a work week, is always something to look out for. The conversations, laughter and drinks can help soothe the stress of work and make you feel alive again.

But what if you just want to do solo? What if what you need on a particular weekend is a quiet time alone at a bar, without much interaction?

Here are some guides that could help you achieve that.

1. Choose the right spot

Finding the right spot will save you from the disturbance of other customers going about their own thing. So you don’t want to be in the middle of the bar.

Locate a cozy spot at a corner or at the end of the bar and pick a seat there.

2. Say no to peak hours

If you really want to be alone with your drink, then you shouldn’t be at the bar during the peak hours. You’d have to go early and leave early too.

Your best bet would be to go during off hours. Also avoid going to a bar hosting some kind of event, like birthdays.

3. Try hotel bars

What you find in lounges and bars in the neighbourhood are mostly regulars who frequent the place to socialise. However, hotel bars seem to have more of visitors and travellers.

It is easier to be by yourself without feeling awkward, since you may probably not meet someone you know already.

4. Visit again and again

If the solo thing is what you’d be doing a lot, then you may want to establish yourself connection with the bartender and staff at the bar. This will happen after several visits and conducting yourself in just about the same manner.

Your preferences will be known and it’s possible to have your spot reserved for you. And you could get what you want without a word. It becomes a pot enjoyable.