There has been a growing concern about the heatwave in Lagos (and other parts of the country as well as the world). Have you yet found a way to deal with it? Perhaps some chilled icy cold drinks would help calm your nerves after being exposed to the burnt of the heat during a hard day of work.

And instead of just any drink, cocktails can always serve the purpose. So, today we will be sharing with you tips on how to make frozen cocktails.

Get the right equipment

To make a frozen cocktail, you need a blender or a slushy machine. A blender is a very useful tool for the kitchen and the bar, and you will need it for different things. Investing in a good one will pay off, as you could use it for many years.

Use quality ice, and use them right

Pay attention to what ice you’re going to use and how you use it. In order not to harm your blender, you are better off with crushed ice. If you want something thicker, you can use smaller cubes that will easily be crushed by the blender.

Another thing to note in using ice is the quantity. In order to have the right taste from the drink, you need to use the right amount of ice which suits the quantity of the other ingredients you are adding. Too much or too little ice won’t give you a balanced drink.

Use fresh ingredients

Use fresh ingredients as much as you can as substitute for juices. This will help reduce the dilution of the drink, as you will be introducing less liquids through these other ingredients. You will also have a healthier drink, just like smoothies.

Get the sugar right

Use the right sugar level; some of the sweetness might get drowned after you blend the drink. Also ensure the sugar dissolves properly and mixes well when you blend the drink. Because sugar doesn’t dissolve quickly in cold water, you can use a little room temperature water to dissolve it before adding to the mix.

Blend properly

Blend slowly at first, and increase the speed subsequently. Blend until all the ingredients have been crushed properly. Check the texture of the drink to see that you have a fine blend before pouring into the glass.

Serve properly

To reduce the rate at which the drink melts in the glass, ensure you put the glasses you want to use in a freezer (or drop ice in them) long before you are done making the drink. A warm glass will melt the drink faster.