You know how annoying it can get when you make plans to grab a beer with friends, only for them to cancel last minute.

Well, Swedish beer brand Norrlands Guld has a solution, and it’s not funny.

For its new campaign, Norrlands Guld worked with a tech company and a team of lawyers to create a “Beer Contract” that legally bind friends when they agree to meet for drinks.

Two friends can agree to grab drinks, create and sign an agreement electronically to that effect, and whoever doesn’t show up would be levied a $50 fine, and failure to pay could lead to a court date.

“Trying to plan a simple get together with a friend can be tricky. Just because you agree to grab a beer doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen,” Norrlands Guld’s Charlotte Liljewall said in a statement. “To put an end to this half-hearted behavior and get more Swedes to meet as agreed, we’ve created a digital tool that helps turn empty words into action with a contract that guarantees a beer will take place. We want the contract to transform ‘maybe we’ll grab a beer’ into a legally binding ‘yes.’”

Crazy, right?

Well, it only works in Sweden. You wouldn’t want to sue, but you’d surely appreciate if your friends would stop skipping drink dates.