As easy as it sounds, there are those who struggle with ordering drinks at bars, maybe because they are inexperienced or lack basic knowledge of drinks. But for even those who feel like pros, there might still be some things that you are doing wrongly. Here are some tips.

Know what to order

The first thing about ordering in a bar is knowing what you want to drink. This may require having some basic knowledge of drinks and brands. You could order for cocktails, wines, beers, or well drinks. It’s easier when ordering for wines or beers; you choose by the brand. But if cocktails or well drinks, then you should know some things like:

  • Basic alcohols: gin, whiskey, vodka, rum, tequila
  • Mixers: orange juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice, coke, soda water, tonic,

Knowing what base alcohol and mixer you want will help you make your choice (even if you’re ordering a cocktail).

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you are a novice, then it is okay to ask questions. You may not want to delay the bartender while they are busy and have a lot of customers to attend to. So, it might be better to start your adventure on less busy days/periods when the bartender can spare some time. They’ll be more than willing to educate you on some basics. Asking questions may seem dumb (for your ego’s sake), but you’ll appear dumber when you order wrongly because you refused to ask.

While ordering
  • Wait to be noticed. Don’t yell or wave money at the bartender.
  • Be loud and clear enough for the bartender to get your orders.
  • If you’re ordering a well drink, mention the alcohol first (either name the type or name the brand) followed by the mixer of choice.
  • If you’re ordering several drinks, then you should group them and order all at once. Call out all the cocktails together, beers together, etc. Don’t name a cocktail, then a wine, a beer, then another cocktail, followed by a beer.
  • While ordering shots for a group, you might want to reduce the selections of different shots or even order the same shots to make it easier for the bartender.
  • Pay for your drinks and tip the bartender if you want to.